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Loviisa is a small, but vibrant coastal town (pop. 15 000), situated between Porvoo and Kotka, about one hour's drive east of Helsinki. Founded in 1745 and named Loviisa after Queen Lovisa Ulrika of Sweden, the town is rich in history and culture. The 18th century land fortresses and the sea fortress Svartholma date back to the times when Loviisa was a border town. The former Commandant's house is now the town museum, offering visitors a glimpse of local history and cultural heritage.

Impressive 19th century stone buildings, cosy wooden house areas and the seaside location make Loviisa a popular place to live in and visit. King Adolf Fredrik, count Augustin Ehrensvärd, painter Helene Schjerfbeck, composer Jean Sibelius are names connected with Loviisa.

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